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How To Get Perfectly Aligned Teeth

A smile is the very first thing noticed once you meet someone; and their distinct facial traits. Perfectly aligned teeth will create a smile which people gravitate to. Sadly, not everyone is endowed with a perfect smile and straight teeth. However, thanks to recent technology, the once impossible IS now possible. Recently, Orthodontists have introduced Read More

Laser Use in Orthodontics: Types And Benefits

In the field of orthodontics, the use of lasers to perform varied procedures has gained more popularity in the past few years than earlier times. The main reason behind this is that it is a far more flexible and safer option as compared to others. As a patient, you must be well aware of the Read More

Orthodontic Retainer: Everything You Need To Know

Wearing a retainer during an orthodontic treatment is a common and essential practice because not wearing retainers can cause improper positioning of the teeth. This brings us to the need and the importance that the orthodontic retainer holds during and after the patient’s treatment. A large number of patients tend to remove the retainer soon as the treatment is over. Nonetheless, Read More

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