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Mouth Breathing-Can it Cause Orthodontic Problems?

Does your child have a habit of primarily breathing through their nose?  What could be the root cause and can this habit cause orthodontic problems for children?  Here’s what Masri Orthodontics, your orthodontist in Plymouth, has to say. Mouth breathing at a young age, prevents ventilation in the nasal cavity which contributes to an underdeveloped, Read More

Do I Need a Clear Retainer if I Have a Fixed/Permanent Retainer?

After finishing treatment with aligners for teens or braces for children, you may be interested in a fixed/permanent retainer to help protect your smile.  What is a permanent retainer and does it replace a removable retainer for nighttime wear?  Here’s what Masri Orthodontics, your orthodontist in Westland, has to say. Fixed retainers can be placed Read More

Thumbsucking-Can it cause orthodontic problems?

Does your child struggle to break the habit of thumbsucking?  How can you help?  And what could this oral habit do to developing teeth if not corrected?  Here’s what your orthodontist in Livonia has to say. Thumbsucking is a common, soothing action that can be found in infants and toddlers, yet if it continues as Read More

Can I Whiten My Teeth with Braces or Invisalign?

You may want to brighten your teeth while you are in orthodontic treatment. But is it recommended by orthodontists in Canton to whiten your teeth while you have braces for children or Invisalign for teens? Here is some advice from Masri Orthodontics, your orthodontist in Livonia. Can you whiten your teeth with braces for adults? Read More

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