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How Do Damon or Self Ligating Braces Work And What’s The Cost?

For a long time, both dentists and patients considered braces to be a necessary evil. They had to be tolerated, in the hopes of a great end result. Not anymore. The Damon System or self ligation braces  was developed as an alternative to traditional ‘train tracks’ braces. Here’s everything you want to know about it. Read More

Damon Self Ligating Braces Vs Traditional Braces

When you’re considering the perfect orthodontic braces for your teeth, consider using the Damon System’s Self-ligating Braces instead of traditional braces. There are a number of distinct advantages to the Damon System or self ligation braces  that traditional braces don’t offer, as outlined below. Greater Comfort The Damon System or self ligation braces do not Read More

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