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Getting Wilckodontics Fast Braces in Michigan

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If you want straight teeth and a beautiful smile, you may want to consider Wilckodontics Fast Braces, also known as Wilckodontics Speed Braces. These braces can give you straighter teeth in much less time than traditional braces. In a revolutionary procedure developed by Dr. Wilcko in the 1990’s your teeth are moved at a faster rate, and with less pain. In Michigan, Wilckodontics Fast Braces has become a popular choice for adults and adolescents wanting a smile they can be proud of.
Wilckodontics Fast Braces in Michigan

What are Wilckodontics Fast Braces?
Wilckodontics Face Braces combine traditional braces with a procedure known as Osteogentic Orthodontics™ (AOO). With an AOO a corticotomy is performed by the surgeon which cuts the alveolar bone (the bone that holds your teeth in place) and moves the teeth into place with braces. Corticotomies have been done since the 1950’s to help the movement of teeth and to repair facial profiles.

In the 1990’s Dr. Wilcko developed a new procedure, AOO, which combined a corticotomy with braces. This new procedure not only cuts into the alveolar bone, but also removes some of the bone surface. Once the bone surface is removed, the body produces large amounts of calcium to repair the bone. For a short period of time the bone goes through a process called demineralization. It is during this healing time the teeth can be moved quickly and easily into place with the application of the braces of your choice. Once the bone heals it is stronger than before, and your teeth are held firmly in place.

What to Expect with Wilckodontics Fast Braces
Before surgery braces will be placed on the teeth. You can choose from many types of braces from ceramic, gold, metal, and Invisalign. Once the braces are placed an orthodontic surgeon will perform the AOO. After about a week the stitches are removed and your orthodontist will place the arch wires which will move your teeth into place. Instead of visiting your orthodontist every six weeks for adjustments, you will visit the office every two weeks. Wilckodontics Fast Braces will move your teeth into alignment three to four times faster than traditional braces.

The surgery can be performed under general or local anesthesia depending on your surgeon’s recommendations. Adults and adolescents are both eligible for Wilckodontics Fast Braces. Recovery time is fairly quick, and most surgeons recommend taking a week off of work or school after the surgery. Since the alveolar bone is stronger after it heals your teeth will stay in place, and there is much less chance of relapse than with traditional braces.

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Dr. Masri is one of the selected few orthodontists in Michigan who are certified AOO™ provider . He has successfully imparted these time-tested, proven AOO™ techniques to help create better smiles for hundreds of patients.

Most adults and adolescents are good candidates for the procedure and the braces can be removed in three to eight months. Don’t let time be an obstacle in getting the smile you deserve. Ask your orthodontist today about Wilckodontics Fast Braces.

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