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Invisalign For Teens And Adults

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Invisalign treatments differ for adults and teens. In adults, the jawline is fully grown, and the teeth have achieved their maximum size. Teens are still developing, and have very specific needs in terms of orthodontic treatment, which are taken care of by Invisalign’s makers.
Invisalign For Teenagers And Adults

Advantages Of Teen Invisalign Treatments

  • Teen Invisalign treatments create space for erupting teeth in an overcrowded jaw. Sometimes a jaw is so crowded, it becomes difficult to even brush or floss normally. When new molars are ready to grow, this lack of space becomes an issue, leading to painful tooth eruptions and infections.
  • For teens and young kids whose facial symmetry is not aesthetic because of an improperly developed jawline, Invisalign braces are used to create a more symmetric jawline.
  • When front teeth protrude, they’re in danger of experiencing trauma due to accidents. Invisalign braces slowly align them to their natural positions within the upper jawline, thereby reducing the protrusion and creating a more pleasing jaw.
  • In young children, Invisalign braces are used to preserve space for teeth that have not yet erupted.
  • The treatment time is reduced as well, when compared to regular braces. This works well with teens and youngsters, as they’re usually impatient and want to get on with their lives.
  • Invisalign treatments also involve the use of a soft tissue laser to remove soft gum tissue and make way for better tooth alignment. For example, many kids have a gap between two front teeth. The teeth are prevented from coming closer because of a fold of gum tissue in the middle. The soft tissue laser removes this tissue gently, and Invisalign aligners are placed to slowly align the teeth together.

Major Differences Between Teen And Adult Invisalign Braces

The following is a list of the major differences between the two types of Invisalign braces.

Additional Aligners: Invisalign braces can be removed and put back by the patient. This means that before an important event or date, the teen or child can take their braces off and then put them back on. This,  however, presents the possibility of loss of braces. That’s why teen Invisalign braces provide 6 additional replacement aligners, to replace the ones that are lost.

Accommodation For Erupting Molars: Invisalign Teen braces place eruption tabs in place to allow teeth that have not yet erupted to erupt without trouble. This unique tub does not disturb the alignment or positioning of the other teeth in the jawline. Rather, they help guide the erupting tooth into the ideal position.

Indicators for Compliance: Invisalign teen braces come with blue compliance dots which fade during the course of the treatment, but only when they’re worn. This helps prevent young patients from cheating. They are required to wear their braces all the time, but sometimes they might take them off needlessly. Using these compliance indicators, doctors can find out for how long the braces were used, and accordingly adjust their treatment and additional costs, if any.

Power Ridges: Invisalign teen comes with power ridges that provide additional force to make roots move and align. The aligners alone cannot move the roots, and some tooth roots can be very stubborn. Invisalign root moving power ridges do the job gently, and without pain, unlike regular metal and wire braces which exert unnecessary force on the roots.

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