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Why Invisalign?

Invisalign is for the discerning customer who wants discreet dental braces and a quick treatment in turnaround time. Invisalign is not only almost invisible; it’s also far less intrusive than regular dental braces. A series of almost-invisible plastic aligners are used to apply steady pressure on the teeth that need to be straightened. Since the treatment time is very fast, these aligners must be changed every couple of weeks.

Each aligner is crafted individually to suit each tooth, the pressure that’s applied is also individual to the tooth being shifted. Therefore, there is hardly any of the discomfort associated with regular dental braces. Invisalign treatment is custom-designed to fit only your teeth, giving you a perfect, custom-designed smile.

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You can comb the orthodontic market for other options, but it’s our professional opinion that there’s nothing as effective as the Invisalign system. If you want to transform your smile without compromising your lifestyle and comfort, opt for Invisalign.

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Why Come To Masri Orthodontics?

Masri Orthodontics has more than 15 years of excellence, built an impressive level of case experience handling Invisalign cases. What sets Masri Orthodontics apart is a unique combination of experience and spotless credentials. In addition, the adamant refusal to deliver anything less than complete artistic perfection that sets a record for beauty and comfort.

Come and become part of the many thousands of happy Invisalign patients we’ve helped over the last 26 years! Call us at 734-261-8860 or submit this contact form to get a free consultation with Dr. Masri.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Traditional braces cost anywhere from $2,900 to $5,500. We’re happy to inform you that Invisalign braces don’t cost much more than that. However, while computing the price, we have to take treatment duration and extensiveness into consideration. Don’t worry about finances- we can help you with financing assistance. We’re well known throughout South Michigan for providing advanced, state of the art orthodontic treatments. Whether you want your teeth straightened the traditional way or the invisible way, we offer it all.

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