Masri Orthodontics

It is our goal to make your consultation a pleasant and informative experience. Your initial appointment will consist of the following:

  • Office tour
  • Clinical examination
  • Panoramic image taking
  • Initial diagnosis
  • Discussion of orthodontic problems
  • Guide to treatment options
  • Guide to the timetable of treatment
  • Determination of Insurance Benefits

This important visit will fully address the orthodontic needs of you or your child and is complimentary (FREE OF CHARGE).

During the initial consultation for each patient, we will discuss each question you have and will provide clear and reasonable answers.

What to expect at your next appointments

Your sequence of appointments following the initial consultation with Dr.Masri will be as follows:

  1. Records Appointment

    In order for the doctors to develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient, information, or records, must be gathered as the next step to getting braces.

    Taking Orthodontic records includes the following three components:

    1. Dental impressions of upper and lower teeth and gums
    2. X-Rays of teeth and jaws (Panoramic) and of head (Cephalometric)
    3. Pictures of patient’s face, teeth, and bite
  2. Bonding Appointment (Separators and Banding if needed)

    After the doctor develops the individualized treatment plan, you are now ready to get your braces! For most patients, this is the appointment where the doctor places the braces on the teeth and a wire is secured into the braces. At this time, we will discuss the importance of proper care of the teeth and braces.

    Some orthodontic problems require additional appliances to help achieve our goal of a beautiful smile. If the doctors plan to use an additional appliance, a separator will be placed one week prior to the placement of orthodontic bands. A separator, which is a small rubber band, will be inserted between the back teeth and will allow for easier placement of the bands.

  3. Adjustment Appointments

    Once the braces are in place, you will visit our office to review your treatment progress at intervals of 4-12 weeks, depending on your specific needs. At these appointments, a number of different procedures might be done in order to assure the continued progress of your treatment. This includes the placement of new wires, the use of rubber bands, and the review of home care instructions.

  4. Debanding

    Upon completion of treatment, the braces will be removed and post-treatment models, x-rays, and pictures are completed. Retainers are then made to hold the teeth in place.

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