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In-Ovation is a new, highly sophisticated self-ligating tooth brace system. In-Ovation braces come in 3 different styles, and patients can
choose the style that looks best on them.These brackets slide on gently, without any unwarranted pressure on teeth.

Why’s In-Ovation different?

Free-sliding technology means you have less discomfort and a faster treatment than with traditional style braces.


Traditional braces use elastics and ties. This puts pressure and friction on your teeth which slows down your treatment and causes discomfort in many patients.

In-Ovation system braces are different! With a special free-sliding technology, little to no pressure is placed on teeth as they are gently guided into place.

In-Ovation Styles

In-Ovation comes in three styles that look great and are comfortable to wear. Ask Dr.Masri which In-Ovation bracket is best for you!

In-Ovation R This style has a lower profile and is much smaller when compared to other self-ligating brackets. These brackets don’t use any metal ties or elastic; this means less plaque build-up, less irritation, and easier oral hygiene.

In-Ovation C These are translucent ceramic bracket that offer the side-benefit of high aesthetics, along with quick treatment times and comfort.

In-Ovation L MTM These brackets are perfect for patients whose teeth are required to move small distances – 6 mm or less.As such, they make a fantastical ternative to tray aligners. These brackets are totally invisible, and work to create the perfect smile in a few short months.


Why Patients Love In-Ovation

In-Ovation braces come in three attractive styles – you can pick the ones that look best on you. They are also extremely comfortable to wear.  Check with Dr.Masri as to which In-Ovation bracket suits you best. In-Ovation braces are smooth, with a lower profile, when compared to other standard self-ligating braces. You’ll see immediate changes even during your treatment, which will give you fresh confidence in your smile.

Ask any orthodontic patient and they’ll tell you that keeping multiple appointments with their orthodontist is probably just as painful as getting the braces fitted! Here’s where In-Ovation gives you another reason to smile – you’ll need to make 40% fewer appointments with your orthodontist. What’s more, In-Ovation treatments get done nearly 4 to 5 months sooner than conventional orthodontic treatments.

In-Ovation does not use any metal ties or O-rings. As a result, you won’t experience any unnecessary plaque build-up that requires intensive maintenance. Consequently, there won’t be any chance of tooth infection or decay; your teeth will be healthy, clean and looking good during and after treatment. It’s a breeze to keep these braces clean as well. So here it is – no discomfort, easier to clean, and even faster treatment times. Who’ll say no to that? When you compare this to the discomfort and irritation caused by the traditional brace elastics, you’ll see why In-Ovation is so popular.

In-Ovation is designed to have a more aesthetic appearance when compared to traditional braces. That means no more embarrassment every time you open your mouth. Your braces will look attractive enough for you to smile with confidence.


Why Orthodontists Love In-Ovation

The unique Interactive™ technology built into In-Ovation does more than just straighten teeth. What it does is to give your orthodontist the power to create the most agreeable facial proportion and smile aesthetics for you. For example, your orthodontist can recommend In-Ovation C if you need to look your best during treatment. In-Ovation C translucent ceramic brackets are perfect for people in public careers. Then again, In-Ovation L MTM®brackets are perfect to move teeth small distances. These aspects give your orthodontist greater control over your overall treatment, aesthetics, facial proportions and so on.

Teeth are free to move more easily and faster, which reduces overall treatment time. This gives rise to shower and fewer appointments and reduced chair time. This makes it possible for your orthodontist to see more patients.

In-Ovation allows for better oral hygiene. This makes it possible for your orthodontist to quickly monitor treatment progress without being hampered by plaque build-ups, food particles lodged in-between braces and other irritations. That apart, In-Ovation braces do not have to be tightened at all. This further reduces chair time, and overall patient discomfort.

In-Ovation is your choice for a beautiful smile!

  • Faster Treatment Time
  • Shorter Appointments
  • Fewer office visits
  • Greater comfort
  • Improved facial proprtion and appearance
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