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Masri Orthodontics is the only 3M Unitek recognized Center of Excellence Provider of Incognito Braces in the state of Michigan.

No Orthodontic specialist in the Detroit Metropolitan area has more experience with Incognito hidden braces than Dr. Masri. Dr.Masri extensive experience in customized orthodontics and lingual braces have helped Masri Orthodontics achieve the status of Center of Excellence Provider for highest level of experience of using Incognito Hidden Braces.

Incognito Lingual Braces

Whether your orthodontic issues are minor or major, we’ll be able to quickly assess your needs and come up with a custom-tailored solution in no time at all. Dr. Masri is the leading provider of Incognito in Michigan. You’ll be in exceptionally professional and experienced hands at Masri Orthodontics. Dr. Masri recommends Incognito Lite Braces to residents of Michigan as an excellent option for patients with minor correctional issues who desire the perfect smile in a short period. With his extensive orthodontic experience, Dr. Masri is eminently qualified to help you get the perfect smile you want.

Incognito Lite Braces are comparable to Incognito Hidden Braces in that they are placed behind the teeth. However, this version of invisible braces focuses primarily on the front four to six teeth. This means you can expect to get to a straight smile in as little as six months.

Incognito Lite works the same way as Incognito braces. They are still attached to the back of the teeth and are fully customized to fit the contours of your mouth. However, Incognito Lite Braces are only applied to the primary teeth that need fixing, so the treatment time is typically shorter than other types of adult orthodontic treatments. Getting Incognito Lite Braces is a great way to fix minor orthodontic problems such as slight crowding or crooked teeth. Ideal for patients who need re-alignment just in this area, this highly targeted approach means not only a hidden, highly effective experience, but a quick and cost-effective one as well. Note that the decrease in the number of brackets does not have an impact on the effectiveness of the system.

Incognito Lite is perfect for minor or cosmetic orthodontic cases Incognito Lite can help fix a number of orthodontic issues. This version of braces behind the teeth works well for cases that are minor to moderate in severity. Many include patients with slight to moderate anterior crowding (i.e. crowding of your front teeth), as well as instances of relapse in adults who underwent early orthodontic treatment. It is also an excellent option for those wanting to fix the cosmetic appearance of their front teeth through invisible orthodontics, without having to get an entire set of adult braces. Incognito Lite is not meant for severe cases; in more severe circumstances, Incognito Hidden Braces may be the better option.

  • Hidden – because they’re bonded to the back of your teeth
  • Comfortable – because of their low profile bracket design
  • Effective – because they work 24/7, even while you’re sleeping
  • Quick to put on – because they’re on fewer teeth and use specialized wires that are easy and quick to work with, so you spend less time in the treatment chair
  • Short treatment time – because of their successful, proven technology, you can see results within five months depending on your treatment need
  • Customized for you – because they’re fully customized to the shape of your teeth with the precision of state-of-the-art computerized design and manufacture
  • No Allergy concern – because they’re made from gold alloy, not nickel

For more information about Incognito Lite Braces and the Orthodontic treatments available at Masri Orthodontics, please call us on 734-261-8860 or email us to request a complimentary consultation.

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