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Hi Dr. Masri, I heard much about Invisalign and custom lingual braces on TV and on-line. Can you please explain about this take on, what it precisely is? It looks to be abundant questionable… Thanks, John.

Thanks, John, for such a remarkable question that’s grabbing the attention of many. Invisalign treatment is a nice solution for crowded or crooked teeth, tooth spacing, and for your overbite or underbite teeth. This treatment replaces the previous treatment, that is being practiced to level the tooth problems. The previous visible braces treatment became an excellent technique to make fast dollars while not diagnosing the matter to its core. The orthodontic community specializes in creating dollars while not letting the customers understand what harm these braces inflicting you. The main issue that arises with these braces is the unhealthy movement of teeth, that cause harm for an extended amount.

The major reason for replacing the old treatment with the new Invisalign and custom lingual braces treatment is the way of evaluation. Simply by taking the image of teeth and examine it, is not the actual treatment for the problem. For correct analysis, it’s obligatory to look at the mouth utterly through the correct x-ray examination. You might be unaware of the fact that unhealthy movement of teeth may cause bone, gum or tooth loss. Sporting of enamel for an excessively long time may cause drawbacks with the functioning of your jaw and bite joints.

We are sure that you just don’t need to go for a treatment that lasts for a small amount of time. That’s why just sit and think for a short while, whether you want to visit a professional Dr. or need to pick out the one that treats you with the footage. A normal treatment might solely improve the looks of your front six teeth but harm the rest of the mouth. The choice is completely yours.

Our team of expert doctors is happy with our thorough examination and diagnosis we perform to the complete mouth. We take care of your healthiest smile and bite too. Our core belief is to keep up the healthiest relationship with all our clients by giving them the best treatment and expected results.

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