Masri Orthodontics

Time to Get the Straight Smile You Deserve

Do tooth gaps or spacing, crowded and crooked teeth or maybe an overbite or underbite make you self conscious? At Masri Orthodontics will create a custom treatment plan for you or your child’s specific needs to give you the amazing smile you’ve always wanted. Our orthodontic services will help you:

  • Correct a broad range of dental and orthodontic issues including crooked teeth, tooth spacing, overbite and underbite using the latest and most advance orthodontic technology in North America
  • Gain the confidence you deserve using the most trusted orthodontic service in Redford Achieve a stunning smile without anyone even noticing you’re going through orthodontic treatment by using Invisalign or Incognito/iBraces (hidden braces)
  • Get started this week with a free consultation from Dr. Masri and never miss an appointment
  • Create a custom financial plan that meets your specific needs and budget through our financial planning consulting

Get started today on your path to a straight smile with a free consult from Dr. Masri. Contact our office at 734-261-8860 or complete this contact form.

Discover Why Hundreds of Redford Residents Choose to Dr. Masri to for Straight Teeth

For more than 26 years Masri Orthodontics has been providing premiere orthodontic care to the Redford Community. Redford Dentists and families refer patients and loved one to Dr. Masri because they know we provide the best care and the most progressive orthodontic treatment available today to each and every patient. Dr. Masri provides the following treatment options:

  • Adolescent and Adult Treatment
  • Invisible Braces (Invisalign)
  • Damon System Braces
  • Incognito/iBraces (hidden braces)
  • Fixed, Functional, and Splint Orthodontics Join the thousands of satisfied patients over the last 26 years and get started today with your free consultation. You can call our office at 734-261-8860 or fill this contact form to get started.

Getting Rid of Crooked Teeth: Customized Treatment

Whether you are concerned with crowded or crooked teeth, tooth spacing, or perhaps malocclusion of teeth (overbite and underbite) Masri Orthodontics will take the time to customize treatment so that the best results possible are achieved. Start today with a Complimentary New Patient Exams to all Redford Residents which include:

  • Digital Imaging
  • Panoramic X-rays
  • Financial Planning Consult
  • Personal Consultation with Dr. Masri

Masri Orthodontics looks forward to meeting you during your first visit to our office. Dr. Masri will take time to evaluate you or your child’s orthodontic needs and provide with you with a tailored recommendation for treatment. Our Treatment Coordinator will then assist you with any questions you might have regarding cost, insurance coverage and payment plans. We encourage questions from both the patient and the parent, and we provide ample time to address any concerns.

What Sets Masri Orthodontics Apart from Other Redford Facilities

Each year hundreds of Redford, Michigan residents choose to have their braces and appliances provided by Dr. Masri and begin treatment at our orthodontic facility. Masri Orthodontics is simply the best in Redford because:

  • We offer faster Treatment Times
  • Most Technologically Advanced Orthodontic Treatments
  • We provide More Affordable Treatment
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • We Accept All Traditional Insurances
  • With our services you will never Miss an Appointment Again
  • Convenient Location; off I-96
  • Automated Phone and Email Reminders
  • Flexible Scheduling with Work and School
  • You will Feel at Ease Throughout Treatment
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Caring and Friendly Environment

Redford Community Involvement

Masri Orthodontics continues to be an avid supporter and sponsor of Redford youth activities. From athletic leagues to community groups Dr. Masri has contributed to a multitude of organizations like Redford Township Hockey Association , Redford Township Junior Athletic Association, Redford Union Schools and South Redford School District.

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