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Quickest Way To Straighten Teeth Before Your Wedding

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Getting married? Congratulations! Your dream wedding doesn’t need to become a nightmare, just because of your teeth. Great strides have been made in dentistry and orthodontics in the last few years. You can leverage everything from quick porcelain veneers to restorative dental work to achieve the smile of your dreams. Getting A Consultation It’s best Read More

Quick Braces Treatments For Your Wedding Day


If you’ve been living with a less than lovely smile so far, it’s time to fix that before your wedding comes around. You want to look your best, your handsomest or your prettiest. And it’s never too late to get that wonderful straight smile that you deserve, through a fast way to straighten your teeth. Read More

Getting Your Teeth Straightened In 6 Months


If you’ve been looking at ways to straighten your teeth, chances are that you’ve heard about the Six Month Smiles treatment. What is it and how does it work? Can one’s teeth really be straightened within 6 months? What Is A Six Months Smile? It is a compromised approach to the tried-and-tested orthodontic methods. This Read More

A Guide To Incognito Hidden Braces For Brides


What all do you need to get ready for your wedding? Your bridal gown and morning suit? Bridesmaids’ dresses? What you’re most worried about is your appearance. It’s not too late to fix crooked or misaligned teeth, not if you use Incognito™ braces – read on to know why. Why You Need To Rush Incognito Read More

How Does Wilckodontics Speed Braces Work?


A beautiful smile is an investment in your future. Everyone wants pretty straight teeth, and with Wilckodontics speed braces this is now possible with much less pain and time associated with traditional braces. This type of orthodontic treatment is also known as Osteogentic Orthodontics™ (AOO). Wilckodontics speed braces can give you straight teeth and a Read More

Getting Wilckodontics Fast Braces in Michigan


If you want straight teeth and a beautiful smile, you may want to consider Wilckodontics Fast Braces, also known as Wilckodontics Speed Braces. These braces can give you straighter teeth in much less time than traditional braces. In a revolutionary procedure developed by Dr. Wilcko in the 1990’s your teeth are moved at a faster Read More

Fast Orthodontics Treatment in Michigan


Fast orthodontics, also known as fast braces and Wilckodontics Speed Braces, have become one of the most desirable treatments in Michigan for misaligned teeth. What makes fast orthodontics treatment so attractive is the fact your braces can be removed three to four times quicker than with traditional braces. Most people have their fast braces removed Read More

How Much Do Incognito Braces Cost?

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Incognito braces offer you complete discretion, as they are placed at the back of your teeth. This placement requires minute customization, and application of high-grade technology. For these reasons, incognito braces can cost a little more than traditional braces or lingual braces. What are Incognito Hidden Braces? For someone looking forward to a discreet, invisible Read More

How Do Incognito Hidden Braces Work And What’s The Treatment Time


Are you planning to get your teeth straightened discreetly? What you need is the incognito braces treatment. Incognito braces are designed and fixed to the back of your teeth, so that you and only you are aware of the fact that you’re wearing braces. Here’s everything you want to know about incognito. How do they Read More

How Do Damon or Self Ligating Braces Work And What’s The Cost?


For a long time, both dentists and patients considered braces to be a necessary evil. They had to be tolerated, in the hopes of a great end result. Not anymore. The Damon System or self ligation braces  was developed as an alternative to traditional ‘train tracks’ braces. Here’s everything you want to know about it. Read More

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