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When it comes to straightening your teeth, Incognito is the way to go

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Indisputably, modern dentistry has come a long way thanks to the latest innovations and techniques, which provide diversity. Due to an eclectic range of orthodontic treatments, there is always the safest option available for your prevailing issue. And one of them that has recently made the headlines and generated excitement among orthodontic patients is incognito.

Incognito, the enhanced version of traditional braces

A type of orthodontic bracket system that’s currently trending, the modality is also known by the moniker “incognito hidden braces.” This is because they are placed behind the teeth rather than in front, masking their appearance. Hence, they emerge as one of the best ways to treat malocclusions for those self-conscious patients.

On the other hand, traditional braces are placed on the outside of the teeth, making them highly conspicuous. This is why many people seem interested in reaping the benefits of incognito lingual braces over their traditional counterparts. Despite the fact that the overall function of both methodologies is similar—correcting tooth position by applying slow, constant pressure—the former is more popular.

Incognito: highly advisable for accomplishing flawless results

Incognito braces are created with the aid of state-of-the-art technology that bends wires so consummately with the intent of providing 100% customization for your case. Additionally, the brackets utilized are specifically made to conform to the shape of your teeth, making the modality effective to even treat convoluted problems like rotations and bite discrepancies, as well as crowding and/or spacing.

Who can wear incognito braces?

Anyone between the ages of 13 and 60 can reap the benefits offered by going incognito. Many issues that can be treated with traditional braces can also be vanquished with the aid of hidden braces. However, only your orthodontist can tell you whether or not incognito is the right treatment option for you.

Generally speaking, people who are in the following categories can avail themselves of its diversified benefits:

  • Adult professionals
  • Those who wish to avoid damage to the front surfaces of their teeth
  • People who refrain from traditional braces because of their prominence
  • Adults and teens who participate in contact sports

How much is the cost of Incognito?

Incognito braces are known to provide these impressive features:

  • First, they are customized specifically to fit your mouth and according to your needs.
  • Secondly, instead of stainless steel, they are cast in gold.

For your information, each tooth has its own set of brackets and archwires. This is why the overall treatment’s cost will be higher compared to traditional braces. And because they are custom made, the number of orthodontist visits may increase.

But at the same time, the exact amount of the treatment cannot be anticipated as several factors weigh in depending on your immediate needs. Thus, it is advisable to schedule a dentist’s appointment and get their opinion. The professional can examine your problem and recommend a treatment plan, as well as the associated costs.

Why Incognito Braces are extolled?

The benefits of incognito hidden braces are highly regarded due to their ability to provide a plethora of advantages. Thus, it is no wonder it is termed a “revolutionary” orthodontic treatment, offering patients with moderate to severe issues a highly aesthetic option to correct them.

It is expected that by now you have gotten a glimpse of the compelling advantages this dentistry technique provides. If not, you may continue reading to get acquainted!

  • Working behind the scenes

The fundamental benefit for which this procedure is hailed is its competency to work behind the scenes. Since these braces are attached behind the back side of the teeth, they are invisible to most casual users out there. As a result, incognito wearers tend to be confident even in social situations when they have to endure large crowds.

  • They provide comfort

If you ask anyone around who went with incognito braces, they are likely to be content with the comfort. Thanks for being customized to each individual tooth!

Additionally, some wearers have even confirmed that they experienced little to no speech interference upfront. While some kind of discomfort at the beginning of the treatment may transpire, it is likely to vanish with time.

  • Fewer dentist appointments

Because of the customization, the overall process is more efficient. The wires require less adjustment, which also means fewer dental appointments.

Are there any drawbacks to Incognito?

Incognito braces are placed inside the mouth and may irritate the tongue, causing it to become tender. Using wax in such situations can certainly help to lessen soreness.

Some patients also have difficulties when consuming certain foodstuffs. It should be brought to the attention of your professionals as soon as possible. Also, avoid consumables that your dentist has asked you to ditch.

Other than these, you are unlikely to encounter any other difficulties.

Final words

Issues in the form of crowded teeth, misalignments, or any other can lead to a serious dent in the overall confidence of the impacted individual. As a result, it becomes vital to get in touch with a professional to get an immediate resolution.

Luckily, modern dentistry has advanced significantly, paving the way for the emergence of several compelling procedures or techniques. Incognito hidden braces are one of them, and they have been in the spotlight since their debut. You can get more information about them from your dentist.

And if you are searching for a professional in the United States, the team at Masri Orthodontics is available to aid you. Connect today so we can serve you better!

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