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The AcceleDent™ orthodontic system involves the application of micro-pulses on teeth and their surrounding bone. These micro-pulses, or micro-vibrations, can be delivered by an orthodontist, or be self-delivered by the patient via an appliance called the AcceleDent™ Aura.

Clinical trial investigators report that there’s no risk of increased root resorption in patients who took this treatment. There’s also no risk in increased loss of posterior anchorage. The FDA has cleared the AcceleDent™ Aura as a Class II medical device


How Does The AcceleDent System Work?

AcceleDent™ uses SoftPulse Technology® which sends out micro-vibrations that move the bone surrounding the tooth ever-so-gently.

The innovative SoftPulse Technology™ complements conventional orthodontic treatment beautifully. AcceleDent™ A can be used with any conventional fixed orthodontic appliances.

These gentle micro-vibrations have been proven in clinical trials to accelerate tooth movement by 38% to 50%. As per feedback from patients, the micro-vibrations actually help reduce the discomfort caused by orthodontic treatment.

For those who are prepared to self-deliver the micro-vibrations to their teeth, AcceleDent™ Aura is a boon. AcceleDent™ Aura doesn’t cause any discomfort, is safe for children, and helps reduce treatment time. It’s a light, comfortable hands-free device designed to accelerate tooth movement – with only 20 minutes daily use. The micro-pulses that Aura delivers exert a force that’s 8 times less than that of a power toothbrush!

For over a century, orthodontics has depended on braces to deliver static forces to teeth and the surrounding bone. Initially, tight brackets and wires were used to deliver this pressure. Over time, due to the advent of modern technologies, treatment methods have changed and new systems have come up. However, the challenge still remained the same – to deliver enough force to move the tooth to encourage alignment.

The rate of tooth movement depends to a large extent on the speed at which the surrounding bone moves towards the target position. If the bone moves faster, then the tooth also will move faster, which means the straightening process is accelerated. Usually, orthodontic treatments take time, sometimes as much as one to two years. That’s two precious years of your life where you may have to give up eating favorite foods and suffer various levels of discomfort. So imagine a 40% to 50% increase in tooth movement owing to AcceleDent™; that actually means that you can be done with your braces much sooner!

Advantages Of The AcceleDent™ System

The AcceleDent™ system offers several advantages, both to patients and orthodontists.

  • AcceleDent™ System increases tooth movement without impacting your jaw or tooth alignment
  • You can use it with any kind of braces – conventional, lingual, Invisalign and so on.
  • This treatment is suitable for both teens and adults
  • It’s lightweight, hands-free, and totally comfortable; anyone can use it, even those with dexterity issues
  • You don’t have to interrupt your tasks to use this device
  • Patients say that by using AcceleDent, their teeth don’t feel as sore after a visit to their orthodontists. In fact, the soreness factor comes down by 50%. So obviously, this system increases patient comfort to a large extent.
  • Shorted treatment time
  • Higher treatment comfort
  • Reduction of the discomfort that comes from conventional braces
  • Quicker case closure which helps orthodontists treat more patients
  • This system can be used by any patient, with no regard to the type of malocclusion present.
  • It’s a non-intrusive, safe system that does not have any side-effects, and therefore safe for use on patients of any age
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