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Invisalign Teen – The Clear Alternative to Braces.

Teenagers have it tough; there’s school and its pressures, then there’s dating, sports and so much more. Getting through it all is tough enough, but imagine having to manage all your activities wearing cumbersome metal braces. A sober thought, isn’t it?

Well, we have good news for you. You don’t have to suffer those unsightly metal braces anymore, struggling to eat and speak. With Invisalign Teen®, the fact that your teeth are being straightened will be known only to you and your orthodontist. Want to know more?

How Does Invisalign Teen Work?

Invisalign Teen aligners are constructed out of clear, smooth-to-the-touch plastic that does not hurt your teeth or gums. These invisible plastic aligners allow total privacy. You can go about school and sports and even dating with these aligners on. You friends won’t be able to guess, and you can smile and talk and enjoy life just like before. It’ll be your secret!

What’s more, these aligners work very fast to straighten your teeth. That means you don’t have to wear them for years on end. Your orthodontist will change out your aligners every few weeks, fitting you with new aligners that are closer to the intended position of your teeth.

Here Are More Reasons Why Invisalign Is Perfect For You

You’ve had a horror of traditional metal braces and we can understand why. You’ve most likely watched your friends struggle to eat food, speak properly or chew candy. You’ve probably witnessed their discomfort, unable to brush or floss properly, and not smiling with confidence as a result. That’s why we’re keen to help you understand why Invisalign is perfect for you:

  • You can eat anything you want. In fact, you can take the aligners off before eating, brush your teeth, and put them back in.
  • You can brush and floss all you want, and enjoy fresh breath the whole day long.
  • You can smile with confidence, knowing you aren’t displaying a whole mouthful of metal to your friends.
  • You can play any sport you like; no more worrying that a ball could hit you in the mouth and your metal braces will cut your gums. Not with Invisalign’s clear plastic braces.
  • Since you won’t be hampered by metal braces, you are free to move your mouth freely. That means you can play any musical instrument you want, including the flute or even the trumpet!
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