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Get a Free Online Smile Check from the Comfort of Your Home!

Technology has led to advancements in almost every field. Orthodontics is no exception. Thanks to the quality cameras available on today’s cell phones, Dr. Nawaf Masri can now offer you a free smile assessment with no obligation. By taking three selfies of your teeth and texting them to Masri Orthodontic’s office, you will be able to receive feedback from one of the top orthodontists in Livonia. If you’ve been thinking about improving your smile, why wait? Take advantage of having easy access for a quick and quality orthodontic consultation! You will also be able to obtain a quote for your treatment. Affordability has always been a priority.

We also accept assignments from most insurance plans and work hard to make your orthodontic treatment affordable. Our office is committed to helping you maximize your insurance benefits.

Frontal Intraoral Photo

STEP 1: Smile and take
a SELFIE with your teeth

Occlusal Photo of Maxillary Dentition

STEP 2: Lean your head
back and take a SELFIE
of your top teeth.

Occlusal Photo of Mandibular Dentition

STEP 3: Tip your head
down and take a SELFIE
of your bottom teeth.

Cost of Treatment

STEP 4: Text your SELFIES
to 734-261-8860 and
Dr. Masri will text you back
with your Smile Options
and the Cost of Treatment!

The Smile Assessment is FREE with NO obligation. We do not share your submitted details with any third party.

*Please note that texts, emails and Facebook may not be 100% secure based on your carrier, phone type and e-mail service. By submitting these photographs, you consent to these types of communications.

Please read what our patients have to say about the Online Smile Assessment!

I’ve been going to masri since i was a young child, i am now 20 and my life wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for him. He transformed my mouth and it was the most amazing experince. The staff and masri become family. Dr masri is most definitely the best docotor, he is professional, kids and he truly cares.
Savannah Scobie

In my opinion, Dr Masri and his team are the best in this field. My daughter’s teeth are looking amazing and took less than the designated time they initially said she needed. Thank you for the amazing service.
Reem Ozeir

Overall a very Kind and Compassionate Staff!! Dr. Masri was thorough in his exam and answered all of my questions in a way that I understood He made my daughter feel at ease and she is looking forward to starting this process!
Jamie Gardella

Kylie really enjoyed her first trip to the orthodontist! She was very nervous and scared before getting into the office and they all made her feel very comfortable. She loved checking herself in and it took her two days to get her to take her t shirt off!
Christina Krug

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