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The iTero Oral Digital Scanner aims to provide greater efficiency to orthodontic and dental operations, while vastly improving patient experience. Using this Laser light scanner, dentists and orthodontic practitioners can take 3D digital images of a patient’s dental orientation and bite angles. This scanner totally eliminates the need for dental putty which is currently being used to take tooth impressions. This means that a good amount of time is cut in the pre-treatment process, which shortens the overall treatment time. Itero is now being adopted by dentists and orthodontists all over the US and the rest of the world.

iTero scans the patient’s mouth using a radiation-free laser imaging , which creates no discomfort or side-effects for the patient. In about 8 minutes, the video images renders an accurate 3D impression of the dental contours including bite impression and soft tissues. iTero’s scanner head fits comfortably in the patient’s mouth, enabling the practitioner to take accurate digital pictures. These pictures can then be viewed and analyzed on the computer, and 3D images of the before, during and after treatment scenarios can be created.

In addition to shortening the treatment time and increasing patient comfort, the Itero digital scanner allows for total customizability. Its trays and digital plans can be tailored to suit individual patient’s needs; this makes this device even more patient friendly.

iTero can be easily integrated into a dentist’s or an orthodontist’s practice. The practitioner won’t need a lab assistant to take the images, as is the case with other scanners and the putty-impression method. iTero has been shown to improve efficiency and accuracy of dental appliances, aligners and retainers.

  • Eliminates the need to endure sticky putty and impression material and eliminating the gagging experience during impression taking, a dreadful experience to many kids or adults alike
  • Takes just a few minutes to take accurate impressions, which means reduced chair time.
  • Reduces overall cost towards impression-taking and lab procedures
  • Eliminates overall treatment time due to increased accuracy. When iTero is used, there is no need to redo impressions or ask the patient to make repeat appointments just to be sure.
  • Imparts greater efficiency, accuracy and reliability to the entire process
  • Reduces patient appointment time, and increase time to available to interact with patients and improve their overall experience
  • The high level of accuracy removes the need for repeat appointments
  • Enables accurate single-appointment aligner or customized braces placement.
  • Allows the practitioner to assess and analyze future the entire orthodontic scope of the patient’s case quickly and easily.
  • The digital scanned data can be sent directly to the lab or manufacturing facility like invisalign or 3M to fabricate invsialign aligners or Incognito braces respectively., which enables them to get back quickly.
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