Masri Orthodontics


Dr. Masri and his staff are always looking for the newest and best way to straighten teeth. During new patient consultations, we listen to our patients’ needs and wants. They want custom braces; which are discreet, fast and precise. WE HAVE THAT!!

Now, all this is possible at Masri Orthodontics. We want you to achieve the smile you want in the fraction of time, in an invisible manner, thanks to the new technology of accelerated tooth movement using micro pulsations. With the combination of custom aligners (invisible) and AcceleDent, Dr. Masri has the new breakthrough in aligner technology and smart track.

Not all smiles are created equal. With the combination of art, science and Dr. Masri’s expertise and knowledge we are able to give our patients what they want in a short period of time. We use the best, most innovative technology; Sure Smile. Sure Smile uses a wire bending robot to custom fit your smile with either lingual braces or aligners and mixed with the technology of AcceleDent; we now have the ability to shorten the treatment time by half. What a breakthrough in the field of orthodontics.

Call our office for complimentary consultation and we will be able to show you how we will design the custom smile you deserve in fraction of a time.

Call Masri Orthodontics at 734-261-8860

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