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Hi Dr. Masri, I would like to ask a question whether you are using headgear moreover expander, and that needs to crank every night, as I used to do in my childhood? Is there any advancement in braces or its same as they were 30 years ago? … Thanks, Robin.

Thanks, robin for approaching us. Yes, you may see great advancement within the dental orthodontics in the last ten to thirty years. There’s an enormous change in material and techniques that we are presently being used. The metal and ceramic braces that are getting used for medical practice became far smaller and elegant in look. There’s a huge improvement in the designing of wire, presently the wire is made using space program technology. The most effective factor about these wires is, they react to temperature and once cooled down it became soft and versatile. This creates a comfortable and versatile tooth movement. Even the design of the headgear is improved a lot for proper jaw and bite movements.

Invisalign could be an excellent change that can be noticed, they’d overtake the place of previous braces. Invisalign aligners are just invisible and work with a lot of ease compared to braces. The previous methodology of taking the impressions of teeth is additionally replaced. Presently the scanning of teeth and jaw structure is being performed by 3-dimensional LASER light scanner. Thirty-year ago you may feel the heaviness while doing movement of teeth once applying braces. However currently such an issue is additionally gets resolved, the movement became a lot of easier and comfy. The “crank” that you had to perform every day by yourself is no longer needed to do.

Crowded teeth are additional problems that get solved with much ease by doing gentler expansion. All the techniques that were used earlier are replaced to a massive extent. The very important reason is, previous treatments affect your facial appearance and lead to a slender smile. That’s why it became a restriction to bear any changes between ages 7 – 12 so that your facial development might adapt to these changes. Whereas no such rules are enforced currently. You’ll see the distinction between the materials and technologies that are practiced earlier and currently have an immense difference. This clearly shows a nice improvement in orthodontics. Obtaining straight teeth in the current era became a far simple and comfortable task that anyone might select.

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