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Hey Orthodontic specialist. You are referred among the top 1% Invisalign provider that provides such a service. Can you please explain what this actually is and why it matters much? Mellisa B.

Hi Mellisa, sure it would be a pleasure to explain to you about Invisalign. As other companies give a rating to their top-rated provider's same way the Invisalign companies to rate their providers based on the reviews given by consumers. The clients choose the doctor that they feel is best for their orthodontic treatment and this gives a rating. The usage of Invisalign is easy, any dentist or orthodontic could do that, but the actual capability will come in the notice if accurate results appear. If the doctor has limited experience, chances are there that the outcome will not be successful.

It's a completely different practice to use Invisalign to straighten the teeth. It's not appropriate in saying that the doctor who could use braces and wires can do Invisalign treatment with much care as there is a huge material difference. When you go for Invisalign you don’t need to visit the clinic every month, that’s why it needs to be done carefully.

Lots of expertise and information is needed while using Invisalign software. First of all, a doctor ought to have enough information to look at a patient correctly and additionally need to be well aware of the successful movement of teeth. We are happy enough to own such knowledge and experience by treating several cases. This is often the reason, our name is selected in the top 1% of Invisalign providers. This suggests that we are the best 1% Invisalign doctors across the whole of America. This suggests you be assured enough with the services that we provide to our patients. Surely your best smile stays preserved with our treatment.

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