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Mouth sores are common especially after braces are placed?

Mouth sores are common; especially after braces are placed. Most of these sores heal up after a week or two, so be patient. The tissue inside the mouth needs to “toughen up” or become callused with scar tissue. Until this happens, here are some soothing suggestions. Warm Salt Water Rinses: rinsing several times a day Read More

Fluoride – Fact or Fiction

Fluoride is a mineral; not a medication. It exists naturally in our water supply. Studies have proven that the right amount of fluoride is beneficial to our health; just enough to protect our teeth. It is an important nutrient for healthy teeth. Did you know that for most cities, every $1 invested in fluoridation saves Read More

Plaque Facts

When braces are placed, teeth accumulate more plaque and bacteria since the brackets on the teeth hide it and make it harder to brush. Also, plaque is clear which makes it that much harder to see.Sugar always causes tooth decay and acid will erode enamel on the teeth. Plaque HD toothpaste helps identify the buildup Read More

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