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Mouth sores are common especially after braces are placed?

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Mouth sores are common; especially after braces are placed. Most of these sores heal up after a week or two, so be patient. The tissue inside the mouth needs to “toughen up” or become callused with scar tissue. Until this happens, here are some soothing suggestions.


Warm Salt Water Rinses: rinsing several times a day with a mixture of 1 teaspoon of table salt in warm water and stirring until all the salt has dissolved; will certainly help soothe the sores.

Avoid acidic foods: drinking orange juice and eating tomato based products may aggravate mouth sores. Wait until sores have healed to resume eating or drinking anything acidic.

Dental Wax: the orthodontist usually gives new patients an orthodontic kit which contains wax. This wax is used to provide a protective barrier between the brackets and the inside of your mouth. The wax is more pliable once warmed by your hands. After the bracket area is dried off, place the wax on the bracket which is bothersome. The wax will need to be re-applied after brushing and/or eating.

There are also some over the counter remedies that are available at pharmacies. As always, please contact your orthodontist if pain or swelling persists.

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