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How Does Wilckodontics Speed Braces Work?

A beautiful smile is an investment in your future. Everyone wants pretty straight teeth, and with Wilckodontics speed braces this is now possible with much less pain and time associated with traditional braces. This type of orthodontic treatment is also known as Osteogentic Orthodontics™ (AOO). Wilckodontics speed braces can give you straight teeth and a Read More

Getting Wilckodontics Fast Braces in Michigan

If you want straight teeth and a beautiful smile, you may want to consider Wilckodontics Fast Braces, also known as Wilckodontics Speed Braces. These braces can give you straighter teeth in much less time than traditional braces. In a revolutionary procedure developed by Dr. Wilcko in the 1990’s your teeth are moved at a faster Read More

Fast Orthodontics Treatment in Michigan

Fast orthodontics, also known as fast braces and Wilckodontics Speed Braces, have become one of the most desirable treatments in Michigan for misaligned teeth. What makes fast orthodontics treatment so attractive is the fact your braces can be removed three to four times quicker than with traditional braces. Most people have their fast braces removed Read More

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