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Fast Orthodontics Treatment in Michigan

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Fast orthodontics, also known as fast braces and Wilckodontics Speed Braces, have become one of the most desirable treatments in Michigan for misaligned teeth. What makes fast orthodontics treatment so attractive is the fact your braces can be removed three to four times quicker than with traditional braces. Most people have their fast braces removed in three to eight months as opposed to many months or years for traditional braces. Fast orthodontics treatment is also less painful than traditional braces which also make it an attractive option for a beautiful smile in Michigan.
Fast Orthodontics Treatment in Michigan

What is Fast Orthodontics Treatment?
Fast orthodontics treatment refers to a procedure developed by Dr. Wilcko in the 1990’s. Using acorticotomy (surgery to cut into the alveolar bone of the jaw that holds your teeth in place) he was able to develop the revolutionary procedure. Corticotomy surgery has been used since the 1950’s to help misaligned teeth and facial profiles. Dr. Wilcko patented Osteogentic Orthodontics™ (AOO) in 1995 and created fast orthodontics treatment.
With AOO the alveolar bone is cut into and a portion of the bone’s surface is removed. This produces a healing period called demineralization in which the body produces calcium to repair the bone. This period lasts from eight to twelve weeks, and it is during this time the teeth can be moved into place fairly easily with braces. Once the bone is healed it is much stronger than before, and holds your teeth firmly in place with less chanced of relapse.

How Does Fast Orthodontics Treatment Work?
This first step to fast orthodontics treatment is the placement of braces onto your teeth. This is done in the same way traditional braces are fitted and placed, but the arch wires are not attached until after the AOO procedure is performed. After about a week the stitches from the AOO will be removed, and the arch wires will be fitted. Your teeth will then be gently eased into place by the braces. Every two weeks you will go to the orthodontist to have the braces adjusted. Once the braces are removed you will have a beautiful smile in much less time than traditional braces.

Benefits of Fast Orthodontics Treatment
Fast orthodontics treatment has many benefits. The main benefit is the much shorter time commitment when compared to traditional braces. In just a few months, instead of a few years, you will have a smile you can be proud of. Many people find fast orthodontics treatment to be far less painful since the teeth are much easier to move into place.

Getting Fast orthodontics treatment in Michigan
Fast orthodontics treatment is a wise choice for most people. It takes less time, is less painful, and one of the cutting edge choices for a more even and beautiful smile.

At Masri Orthodontics we provide the most advanced and comprehensive orthodontic dental care available in the Metro Detroit area. Dr. Masri offers his patients the finest materials and options available in orthodontics today, allowing for faster, more comfortable treatment.

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