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Damon Self Ligating Braces Vs Traditional Braces

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When you’re considering the perfect orthodontic braces for your teeth, consider using the Damon System’s Self-ligating Braces instead of traditional braces. There are a number of distinct advantages to the Damon System or self ligation braces  that traditional braces don’t offer, as outlined below.
Damon Self Ligating Braces Vs Traditional Braces

Greater Comfort
The Damon System or self ligation braces do not use steel or elastic ligatures. These are usually used in traditional braces to hold the arch wires in place. By not using the ligatures, the Damon System achieves reduced friction, and quicker movement of the teeth. Very light pressure is applied, since the wires used are less forceful than traditional brackets. That makes the Damon System or self ligation braces more comfortable to wear. Plus, since the treatment involves stimulating healthy tooth movement using light, continuous friction, blood vessels in the surrounding soft tissues are not blocked. This means reduced pain and reduced risk of complications.

Fewer Visits To The Orthodontist
With traditional braces, it’s necessary to visit your orthodontist several times to make minor adjustment and to adjust friction on specific teeth. The Damon System’s high-tech titanium archwires and super-strong braces apply uniform friction and therefore do not need to be adjusted very often. This means fewer visits to the orthodontist, and better results between visits. In fact, you’ll be seeing your orthodontist about 8 to 10 lesser when you use Damon Braces, than when you wear traditional braces.

Shorter Treatment Duration
The Damon System or self ligation braces actually shows you visible improvement within 10 weeks of wearing the braces. Traditional braces take 12 to 18 months to correct teeth alignment. With the Damon System, you can shave off 6 months from this duration. The exact duration of your treatment will depend on the diagnosis of your individual case. Your dentist will be best able to assess your treatment duration and let you know. Research statistics indicate that Damon System treatment or self ligation duration takes an average of 6.33 months less than conventional brackets treatment duration.

Better Aesthetics
Traditional braces can leave unsightly marks on your teeth, owing to the great pressure they apply. Damon braces and self ligation braces apply a gentle, more biologically sensible force on your teeth, leaving no marks behind. Tooth position is improved gradually, as the light “shape memory” titanium wires gently move your teeth into their ideal positions. The low-friction actually improves facial harmony, since teeth are not compressed together, affecting the jawline. This gives you what’s called a ‘bracelift’ effect, similar to a facelift of the jawline. Your facial balance improves as does the quality of your smile; an overall youthful appearance is ensured.

Similar Costs
Cost is always a big question when it comes to braces. The Damon System self ligation braces costs just as much as conventional braces do. However, only your dentist can determine your individual treatment costs, based on your treatment needs and duration. Most dentists make flexible payment options available, and can also hook you up with finance providers.

Advanced Technology
The Damon System or self ligation braces use a revolutionary approach to orthodontic treatment. The unique orthodontic brackets are made either of ceramic or of high-grade, lightweight steel and polycarbonate mix.  Damon brackets can be used within the normal biological forces instead of exerting force over the biology. This means tooth extraction can be avoided as much as possible. High-grade titanium wires are used to connect the braces, adding to the overall comfort.

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