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Do I Need a Clear Retainer if I Have a Fixed/Permanent Retainer?

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After finishing treatment with aligners for teens or braces for children, you may be interested in a fixed/permanent retainer to help protect your smile.  What is a permanent retainer and does it replace a removable retainer for nighttime wear?  Here’s what Masri Orthodontics, your orthodontist in Westland, has to say.

Fixed retainers can be placed on either the upper or lower arches of your teeth, traditionally covering 4-6 teeth.  This thin wire is adhered flush behind your teeth and is not noticeable.  Your orthodontist in Redford may recommend a fixed retainer to help prevent relapse in patients that had extreme spacing or crowding of the front upper, or lower teeth or to provide more stability in older patients.  These retainers can last several years with proper care and add an extra assurance of retention.

But do you need to wear a removable retainer in addition to having a fixed retainer?  Fixed retainers serve to prevent relapse in your frontmost teeth but do not protect the placement of premolars and molars.  Constant pressure from your tongue and cheeks can cause teeth to move and make your bite unstable.  

For more information on whether you are a good candidate for a fixed retainer after treatment or if you need to replace a fixed and/or removable retainer that has become worn down, feel free to contact us, Masri Orthodontics, your orthodontist in Livonia, to schedule an appointment.

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