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Do it Yourself (DIY) Braces – BEWARE!

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It may sound like a good way to save money, but experts warn at-home orthodontics is a risky business, one that could cost much more in the long run.

“Nowadays it seems like people believe that they can do everything themselves, but while it’s cool to do some things on your own, when it comes to the health of your teeth and gums, the do-it-yourself approach can leave you with very little to smile about”! The American Association of Orthodontics is so concerned about this new trend, they have issued a PSA video announcing the dangers that come with attempting to straighten your own teeth from home. Teens wrap elastic bands around their teeth to close an unwanted gap, this could cause irreversible damage and may require surgery to even try to repair. “The biggest risk is causing bone loss around the teeth”.

There are many ways, very simple things sometimes that an Orthodontist can do to close a space without the entire expense of braces. Beware of DIY Orthodontics!
Do it Yourself (DIY) Braces

“Total bone loss around the anterior teeth as a result of placing rubber bands around front teeth,patient tried to close gap on his own”DIY do it your self orthodontics)

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