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Getting Your Teeth Straightened In 6 Months

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If you’ve been looking at ways to straighten your teeth, chances are that you’ve heard about the Six Month Smiles treatment. What is it and how does it work? Can one’s teeth really be straightened within 6 months?
Getting Your Teeth Straightened In 6 Months

What Is A Six Months Smile?
It is a compromised approach to the tried-and-tested orthodontic methods. This treatment method looks for a short cut method to create a straight smile in the shortest possible time without any consideration for the bite or function, pretty much looks good, but does not function right. The six months smile term is a term used by small group of general dentists, not specialists who want to treat maligned teeth but don’t have the experience or the education.  The method focuses on placing braces on the front teeth without any consideration to the back teeth,  contrary to common sense. In a simple word, the technique focuses on look and not function or longevity of bite stability and ignores the biology of the basics of mastication apparatus.

How Can Teeth Be Straightened In Just Six Months?
The treatment is focused mostly on the teeth that actually show when you smile.Same traditional or tooth colored braces are used. Low forces are continually applied to the teeth that need it, moving those gently using standard orthodontic mechanics. Though a straight smile within 6 months might sound too good to be true, it’s possible to achieve straighter front teeth in 6 months, but that comes with a price of ignoring the back teeth and the well being of the bite.

What’s The Catch?
There’s more emphasis on a cosmetic success than on the bite position of your teeth. This is why we see this technique very appealing to the younger crowd who wants instant gratification without considering the long-term negative effect on the overall smile and the fit of the teeth. The six-month smile is used in conjunction with veneering treatment. Such option means moving the front teeth to a less crowded position, then completing the job with a dental procedure called veneers. Considering the previous method means life long commitment to dental maintenance where we removed healthy natural looking enamel and replaced it with artificial “man made” material.

The main motive for such approach is lack of knowledge of other safer options and the lack of patience to do it the right way. A typical customer who falls for such option, a bride who wants to get straighter teeth in no time before her wedding, or a recent graduate who is in the job market for public relation jobs.If you feel you fit under these categories or you are considering six months smile or veneers you should seek a professional evaluation by an orthodontist.

Orthodontists are the right trained professionals who spent 3 years of their post graduate education studying misaligned teeth and jaw and are the best option to address them. Ask your general dentist to refer you to a qualified orthodontist, or seek an orthodontic evaluation to explore Wilckodontics,a revolutionary way to speed teeth movement, or consider Incognito braces, a customized generation of totally invisible and hidden braces.

Fast Orthodontics “Wilckodontics”
Fast orthodontics, also known as fast braces and Wilckodontics Speed Braces, have become one of the most appealing treatments world wide for misaligned teeth. What makes fast orthodontics treatment so attractive is the fact your braces can be removed three to four times quicker than with traditional braces. Most people have their braces removed in three to eight months as opposed to many months or years for traditional braces. Fast orthodontic treatment is also less painful than traditional braces making it an attractive option for a beautiful smile.

Wilckodontics, is an orthodontic treatment which refers to a procedure developed by Dr. Wilcko in the 1990’s. Using acorticotomy( a special technique which include placing micro fracture in the bone surrounding the teeth- a simple technique by using an ultrasound vibration to the treated area) .This produces a healing period called demineralization in which the body produces calcium to repair the bone. This period lasts from eight to twelve weeks, and it is during this time the teeth can be moved into place fairly easily with braces. Once the bone is healed it is much stronger than before, and holds your teeth firmly in place with less chance of relapse.

Benefits of Fast Orthodontic Treatment
Fast orthodontics treatment has many benefits. The main benefit is the much shorter time commitment when compared to traditional braces. In just a few months, instead of a few years, you will have a smile you can be proud of. Many people find fast orthodontics treatment to be far less painful since the teeth are much easier to move into place.

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