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How Much Do Incognito Braces Cost?

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Incognito braces offer you complete discretion, as they are placed at the back of your teeth. This placement requires minute customization, and application of high-grade technology. For these reasons, incognito braces can cost a little more than traditional braces or lingual braces.
Incognito Hidden Braces

What are Incognito Hidden Braces?
For someone looking forward to a discreet, invisible teeth-straightening experience, incognito braces offer the best option. Incognito braces involve specially designed metal braces placed behind the teeth that need to be straightened. These braces are connected via wires, which hold them in place. The good news is that you can continue with your public life without letting anyone know that you’re wearing braces. Incognito braces are the ideal treatment for musicians who play the trumpet, flute or any other wind instrument. The braces are discreet, and don’t come into contact with the instrument or the musician’s ability to blow air into it.

What Is Behind The Costs?
The brackets used in incognito braces are cast in gold, not in stainless steel. Each gold bracket is formed to fit the shape of your teeth, and the wires that connect the braces are custom-fit to your mouth. Given that each patient’s needs are individual, it becomes necessary to customize each tooth’s alignment individually. It’s not possible to create a template that can be used for everyone. These individually customized features, plus the cost of the gold used may add to the cost of the straight smile you want to achieve. The overall cost of the treatment plan can also vary from patient to patient, based on their progress and additional tooth alignment needs. In general, incognito braces can cost up to 30% more than traditional braces, depending on customizations and treatment durations.

How To Reduce The Expense
By opting for a combination treatment, you can cut the costs involved in incognito treatment. For example, if your teeth require only minor correction, you could opt to be fitted with incognito only on your front teeth. This allows you to smile and maintain a public face without letting your braces show. For your bottom and back teeth, you can opt for other traditional orthodontic treatments. For example, you can have your orthodontist place incognito braces on your top arch, and use clear traditional braces on your bottom teeth. Hardly anyone notices your bottom teeth, so this method is a good one to carry on with your treatment and bring down the overall costs at the same time.

Payment Options
Speak to your orthodontist about a suitable payment plan that takes care of your needs. Your orthodontist might be able to introduce you to financing companies for additional monetary assistance. Some orthodontists even offer flexible payment plans. Check with your insurance for coverage for orthodontic treatments. You can also speak to your employer about making the most of your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) as well. Incognito Hidden Braces treatment qualifies as an approved medical expense under the FSA scheme. If you plan on undergoing orthodontic treatment in a few months, it’s a good idea to sign up for FSA in advance to help with your payments.

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