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Invisalign Planning For Your Wedding Day

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Your perfect day – the day when you will be the one in the white dress. Or, if you’re the groom, in a fine silk suit. You will be on display the whole day, and so will your smile. Are you confident enough of your smile to let be the center of everyone’s attention on this special day? If you’re not confident of your smile, call us today at Masri Orthodontics and we’ll arrange for a free consultation. We will ensure that you get the straight, confident smile that you deserve to accompany you on your amazing journey.
Invisalign wedding braces

Adopt Invisalign® Today!
The Invisalign Clear Braces system consists of a set of removable, clear plastic braces. Only you’ll know you’re wearing them; no one else will. That’s because they’re made of clear plastic, and are not readily visible to the naked eye. So you can keep smiling through all the events leading up to your wedding. Let’s see – there’s the engagement party, and then the rehearsal dinner, and the groom’s dinner – so many events! Only Invisalign can help you get ready for all these events. With any other system you will feel your mouth is full of foreign objects, and you won’t be comfortable.

It Gets Even Better Than That!
What’s best about Invisalign is that you can take them off when you need to pose for pictures, eat, floss or brush your teeth. Yes! You don’t need to visit your orthodontist to remove them in order to appear for a special event. You can take them off and put them in by yourself. Doesn’t this give you total empowerment over your own treatment? Indeed it does.

Every two to three weeks, your orthodontist will check your progress and custom-create new aligners for you. This is good news, because it means your teeth are progressing very nicely towards the desired end result. Since your braces are custom-designed for you, your final straight smile will be ready sooner than you realize. You’ll soon be ready for your wedding close-ups!

Invisalign takes away the bother, the discomfort and the hassle of traditional brace systems. Opt for Invisalign today, and call us at Masri Orthodontics for a free appointment. Let us help you make your dream wedding come true.

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