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A New Feat of Technology: Self-Ligating Braces

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It’s likely you’ve seen them in the movies or on your favourite celebrity. Self-ligating orthodontics has revolutionised the use of braces over the years, and they surely represent an impressive feat of technology. This dentistry technique has helped numerous people out there achieve the smile they always wanted in a fraction of the time. Self-ligating Read More

The Complete Guide to Orthodontic Braces

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So, you’re thinking about reaping the benefits of braces. That’s great! Braces can significantly enhance your smile, but there are a few things you should know before getting started. What benefits do braces offer? How much do braces cost? Will my insurance cover the cost of braces? Which lifestyle changes do I need to make Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Temporary Anchorage Devices

Did the professional tell you at your last orthodontic appointment that they would be placing Temporary Anchorage Devices in your mouth to straighten your teeth? And ever since then, your mind has been bombarded with a plethora of questions about these devices. If yes, then you must continue reading this article, which covers everything you Read More

Are There More hidden Braces?

Yes, yes, and yes! Orthodontics have come a long way technologically to include multiple options for less noticeable treatment. So what are your options if you would prefer a more hidden option to correcting your smile and your bite? Incognito Hidden Braces™ Masri Orthodontics is the only recognized Incognito Hidden Braces™ Center of Excellence Provider Read More

How to Relieve Braces Pain

Did you just finish your appointment to get your braces on? Or did you get a wire adjustment? You may be experiencing some discomfort with orthodontic treatment. But how long will this discomfort last and what can you do to relieve it? Here are some tips from your orthodontist in Over-the-counter pain medicine. Your orthodontist Read More

Oh no! My Braces Broke – What to do in Case of Emergency

Don’t worry! You’re not the first person to break a bracket or a wire. A broken appliance can cause major discomfort. Here are some tips from your orthodontist in Novi that can help you successfully manage an orthodontic emergency at home! Don’t panic! Take a deep breath and calmly assess the situation so you can Read More

Can I Eat Candy With Braces during Halloween season?

Yes, you can still enjoy candy and other sweet treats during Halloween while you’re in braces or aligners! But beware, some candies may damage your braces and set back your orthodontic treatment and even damage your teeth. Children in orthodontic treatment may be more prone to more breakages. So how can you know which candies Read More

What to Expect when you receive braces?

When getting braces in Detroit, MI for the first time, as a patient, you might have plenty of questions. And it is okay. Before deciding to reach out to your orthodontist for braces treatment, it is better to do your homework. Countless people get braces in the United States yearly for crooked teeth, close gaps, Read More

Top 5 Tips on How to Make the Best of Your Invisalign

When it comes to rectifying dental deformities, Invisalign in Troy and everywhere else are pretty popular. And why won’t they be? Invisalign has come across as one of the most reliable orthodontic treatments nowadays. Many people are considering getting Invisalign because of the plethora of benefits it has to offer. However, as you are about Read More

When Should You Consult an Orthodontist?

The best time to see an orthodontist in Canton, MI, is when you have to get an orthodontic treatment. Even though it sounds simple, it is a little bit more complicated than it seems. For children and teenagers, orthodontics is something that you must handle delicately. That is because their mouths and teeth are still Read More

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